Using the secret in my daily life!

Quite often I have had people ask me, if I use the secret in my daily life. I will honestly admit that I don’t use it every day but I probably should.

Not that long ago I was trying to chat up a woman at the local pet store. I went as far as to ask her if she wanted to join me for breakfast on Sunday; as it is my usual routine on Sundays to go to a nearby  restaurant for breakfast. She said that she would have to check her work schedule and to ask her in a few days.

A couple days later I went in to ask her and she had been transferred to another store.

Being a trusting soul, I figured that she probably hadn’t planned to leave me hanging like that. I did find out the location of the store she had been transferred to. Not wanting to seem like a stalker I fought the urge to go and track her down. But secretly, I hoped to see her again.

I had visualized me going to the store after work, and her being there. I had envisioned this a few days in a row. Shortly thereafter I was walking home from work, and I decided to stop in to the pet store as I wanted to pick up a refillable catnip mouse for my cat Bobo.

There she was behind the counter. I bought the mouse and as I was leaving said that the offer still stood if she wanted to join me for breakfast. At which point she looked at the floor and said I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate it. At that point I know she had lied to me originally, but I did get a chance to see her again. Which is all I ask for.

Well I do hope that whoever she is seeing or ends up with is kinder to her. One of the key factors using the secret other than just visualizing is being, completely clear about what you’re asking for. All I asked for was to see her again. And I did. At least I know where I stand. There are other fish to fry. But, she was a keeper.

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