Visualizing, Believing and Receiving the things you want really WORKS!!

For the last little while, I’ve been using an older Keurig machine I think it was a version 1.0. I bought it when it was brand-new and it had served me faithfully for many years and now, as of late he would only brew half of a cup when it said it was brewing a full cup.

I looked around at some of the newer Keurig machines and I did not like what I saw. Some of them require you to buy authorized Keurig K.-cups. One of the reasons I bought a Keurig in the first place was so that I could get refillable cups and either use coffee I’ve purchased else where or a homemade tea mixture.

while I was in my favorite store to buy K.-cups.I got into a conversation with the clerk about the new Keurig machines, she mentioned that Cuisinart made a k-cup brewer that did not force you to buy authorized K.-cups.when I saw the price of the machines I almost choked.

I decided I would eventually own one of these machines, I even went as far as taking a picture and putting it on my vision board, to remind myself of what it is I wanted. A couple of days ago I was walking home on the way from work, I was walking past the local “Value Village”. It was then that I had a weird urge to go in and see what they had for me. As I was looking through the appliances I saw one of the upper shelves in Cuisinart K.-cup brewer. It is not the current model is however heavy-duty. I almost dropped it on my foot trying to get off that top shelf.  As you can see the price I paid is a fraction of the price that the new ones sell for.   So I paid what the discount was on a new machine for the machine that I wanted. It brews perfectly there is only one defect in it. It does not auto turn on in the morning. But I can forgive that especially at that price.and when I tell it to make me coffee in the morning it only takes a few seconds for it to start anyway. (update the auto start works fine I just didn’t set it right. Took me a while to figure it out.) I think is the best $20 coffee maker I’ve ever bought. I’m of the firm belief that if you see in your mind you owning what you want or having what you want, believing that you will have it someday and that you deserve it you will get things to come your way simply because you’ve asked or wanted it.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while and you have to realize that yes I’ve gotten quite a few things have asked for simply by wanting them and asking for them and taking the opportunity would present itself. I believe that the secret works for me, to get what I want. I never said I wanted a new machine, I just said I wanted a machine. 🙂

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