Gratitude is a Key Secret part of the Law of Attraction

You’ve probably heard many times people use the phrase the “attitude of gratitude”. Being grateful for what you have is one of the surest ways to get more. If you do not appreciate what you already have why would you ever be given more?

Growing up, I was lucky enough, to be poor. Now I know that, this sounds like one of the strangest statements you’ll ever hear anyone say, but it’s true and let me explain why..

There are many times that I would come home from school and furniture would be missing from the house.  I never panicked, and we hadn’t been robbed. I knew that Mom or Dad had just sold off the missing furniture so we could have groceries or other necessities.  While I was growing up this was a regular occurrence.   I knew that before long the sofa that was missing, or the kitchen table and chairs would suddenly be replaced with a new set. Well new to us anyway. I remember walking along the side of a highway on weekends picking up beer bottles of pop cans because in those days they were returnable. Pop bottles for $.10, pop cans were $0.05, beer bottles and cans were $.10.

I remember spending all day collecting those so that we could buy groceries or pay bills. We were grateful for what we had, as children we learned quickly not to break things because they weren’t always replaced right away. We learned how to cook, sew, and repair things. Quite often I wore my brothers hand-me-downs, as he did Dads, clothing got mended not thrown away. If we outgrew stuff, it would be donated to a family in need or to the Sally Ann, (Salvation Army), or Goodwill thrift store.

I think from those lean beginnings I learned to appreciate the things I have a life.   I know that as long as I have a roof over my head I can always invite someone to share the place and they could buy food. Between the two of us things would get better. If you’re ever alone and down, there is always somebody else in the same boat between the two of you, you can get out of that tight spot together.

Gratitude is being thankful for having someone in your life, even if it’s your cat, or rat, or goldfish, or plant. It’s being thankful for anything that makes you happy or inspires you.   Being thankful for having a job in a down market, it could be simply “I’m so happy I’m alive”. . Having an apartment that includes electricity; in a major city, for less than most people are paying. Having a car you can drive to where you need to go. Having good enough health to walk wherever you want. There are billions of things that you could be grateful for.

One of the easiest ways to find things you can be grateful for, is to think of the things that you couldn’t imagine yourself without. For one example, my cat Bobo. He loves to cuddle, he will wake me in the morning, he will come to me for attention when he’s lonely, and he can tell when I’m feeling down and comes to comfort me. I could not imagine life without a companion like him, for him I’m grateful. 

The feeling of joy that you have with things that you’re grateful for is a feeling of joy you need to bring about the creation or attraction of the items you want. It’s not simply enough to want them it’s not simply enough to imagine yourself with the you must combine the feeling of being grateful for other items that might be similar or that may have nothing to do with the item you are attracting but are still grateful for.  

Be grateful for the item or situation as you have it already, it’ll make attracting what you want so much easier and quicker.  The attitude of gratitude is not a slogan or catch phrase, it’s a key part to the secret and it’s a powerful tool.  Like any tool, you have to use it (practice), to get good at using it.  The more you use it the more you’ll be able to attract bigger and better things.

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