Finding or Making Happiness!

There are times when even I tend to overlook things and take them for granted.  It is usually around this time that the universe sends me a harsh reality check. This time I think I have caught myself in time.

It is this time of  year that is the hardest for me. I am single and have no children, my closest friends live in another city and I don’t drive.

I was recently looking for a hobby and found an old love.  BBSs. I was my happiest when I had my BBS to run and even my best girlfriend said that she could see the pride I had in the BBS.  She also said she could see the difference in me after I closed it down.

I tend to get both melancholy and fat in the winter because I am bored and depressed and it seems like there’s nothing else to do but mope and eat.

Luckily today’s BBSs do not require phone lines as you can connect with a telnet client. So this means no additional costs!!

I won’t get too heavy into detail on this at the moment because it is not complete and will take couple of months to get it right.

But I did find a good hobby to keep me out of trouble and something I can take pride in.

The real intention of setting  up a BBS, is to make it someplace people will want to come.  But, sometimes it is also a place where I can play games and talk to others.

Sometimes happiness is something that you create and sometimes it is elusive, but as many people far wiser than me have said…

To find happiness you need not look any further than within you.

Sometimes you just need to look at what made you happy in the past and revisit it, even if it seems to have no value to others, SO WHAT!! it’s not for them anyway it’s for YOU!!!

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