Visualize, Believe and Receive

Visualize, believe and receive… rinse and repeat.  Over the last two years I have put this into practice more than any other time in my life. My recent “attractions” are as follows;

I found a matching 1980s Ginsu original butcher knife. It has taking me over three years of searching to find this knife at the right price. I paid $0.25 for the original one at a garage sale, and this one I paid $27 so when you look at it I paid $13.63 each which is still a good price for a butcher knife but these are butcher knives that are almost indestructible the original one I’ve had for well over a decade now and it has not dulled at all I still occasionally Nick myself with it.

I was thinking about all the things that I had done or achieved this week and realize there wasn’t really that much it just seemed like it.  I had made some purchases online I was feeling good about them but I was running a little low in funds this morning and decided to stop at my local convenience store and purchase  what they call Nevada tickets or break open tickets here. I spent two dollars I got four tickets I won $100. So much for being worried about making it to the next paycheck. I only had $12 to my name when I walked into the store, and payday was not until Friday.

So with my winnings I purchased myself some more lottery tickets for later in the week there’s draws for several million dollars I figure who knows? Right! I purchased some food and the cab ride home because the weather was turning nasty freezing rain and snow. I still had about $40 to my name. I know this will cover my cab fare is back-and-forth to work if I have to because of the weather if not, that will give me money to work with.

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