Using the secret at work!

At my daytime job, which is a level 3 Technical Support Agent for a major online shopping cart company, we have a few perks and a few requirements.  One requirement is to get a least 3 sales per week.  Recently I had been in a slump and was battling with not being able to get at least 3 sales.

I started including in my morning meditation, that I am able, willing and getting 3 or more sales per week..  It has taken me no more than one week of meditating to have turned my sales around.

On top of our usual workload, they recently decided to dump the load of customers from one of our other sister companies, on top of  us.  I decided that instead of hating the change, like I would normally do, I was going to become the first person to get a sale from one of the “new” customers.

While meditating on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday after the adding of the new customers, I visualized myself talking to customers and offering services that would be useful to them.  When I arrived at work the rest of the team was bemoaning the fact we have had almost no training and we were still expected to support these new customers.

I booted my computer, put on my headset and logged in. It was a customer from the other company. She was polite and had a simple request.  I answered her questions as best I could.  During our conversation, I noticed that she could really benefit from an add-on services  I pitched it.  I mean what’s the worst that could happen.  She could get upset, she could ask for a manager, she could get mean.

After a moment she said “sure set me up with it.”  I guess my 3 days of visualization during my morning meditations paid off.  I made the sale because I was using the secret at work.  This is something I do every day.  I visualize myself getting sales, have fewer and fewer upset customers and more and more sales.  I’ll admit I’m not the top seller but I’m trying and with using the secret at work it makes it easier to pitch because I’ve rehearsed it many times in my mind.

I have found that there are many areas of my life have improved, by me using the secret.  Now my work life is also improving, since I started using the secret at work!

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