A passing of one friend leads to making another

On April 14th 2019 my companion of 15 years Bobo, passed away. He was a long haired black cat with a white spot on his chest and another on his crotch, we was a great companion and good company and (or so I thought), quite talkative.

It was about a month after his passing that the apartment started to feel empty and that I could see him standing in the shadows.

I decided to get another cat.  I didn’t care if it was male or female (I’ve had both over the years.  The only thing was I was looking for a short haired cat and I was still removing cat hair from my clothes and furniture a month after Bobo died.

I looked around and all I could find was people selling cats, and they were long haired at that.  I have no problem with adopting a cat but Bobo was given to a friend of a friend who then gave him to me.  So I was looking I guess to give someone else a forever home like I did for Bobo.

I eventually found Luna, Luna was a male cat who’d just turned 2 (the age I got Bobo at.) He is a short haired black cat.  The name had to go.. His name is now Buddy, he is extremely talkative and grunts and groans a lot also.  Since I didn’t get a chance to socialize with him first (it was a “something came up.. I have to leave..so grab him and go…”) So in essence, I came to where he was living as a total stranger. and kidnapped him, and then started calling him by a new name. He is still getting used to me and my habits and I am still getting used to him and his habits.  In 5-10 years I know he’ll be an awesome companion just because of the way he expresses affection when he wants to.  Here is a short video of him.