Careful when you ask…

I know that sometimes things don’t turn out how you want them, and sometimes, you totally are blown away by the results.  For a while I have had a budding friendship with a wonderful woman who I came to know through her occupation as a taxi driver.  She is funny, sweet, tall, caring and compassionate, and seemed to enjoy talking to me.

I used to look forward to having to call for a cab, each time hoping it would be her.  The one day I was told that she didn’t work for them anymore.  I was saddened, I had plans to maybe invite her out for dinner as I had learned  of a few places where she would get a gluten-free meal. As she has Celiac disease. 

I was sitting here the other day and out of nowhere she messaged me on Instagram.  I don’t remember reaching out to her.  I of course added her (followed her back).

Over our few texts I learned she’s recently become single, and when I looked at here posts most of them are inspirational and positive and even possibly deal with the Law of Attraction or it’s concepts.

So now I have to somehow come up with the money to take her out and discuss setting up websites, Facebook pages, and promotion.  I don’t know where the money will come from but if the Universal can bring her back into my life, even as a friend!; it can sure as heck surprise me further buy finding a way for the first date to happen.  Using the Secret has again worked for me.

PS.  If you are reading this SM, at least you know I’m interested. 🙂