About UsingTheSecret.com..


This website was designed with the intention of being a place where you can come to read about how to use the law of attraction or “the secret ”.  Simply put the law of attraction works like this, you think about it, you visualize it,  you want it, you ask the universe for it and it will happen. I know that sounds kind of like a fantasy but it does work. There have been many things that I have manifested over the years by using the law of attraction, one of which is this website and it was quite amazing that the website’s domain name was not already taken when I went to register it.

On this site will be tips and tricks on how to use the law of attraction, as well as personal insights. I am not guaranteeing the any of this will work for you but, if you set your heart to it and if you believe, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

I will also from time to time list items here that I think are helpful, be it downloads that are free or items that you wouldn’t need to purchase.   I have not put the site online so that I can get rich.  Part of the great thing about the law of attraction is the more people who know about it the better works for everyone.  It is such a truly awesome power/ability/whatever you want to call it

To wrap up, I hope you enjoy the site and Using the Law of Attraction as much as I do.   I also hope that you learn as much about the secret and law of attraction from me as I learn from others, and yes I’m still learning. I can’t remember who said it but one of my favorite sayings is, “A day where you don’t learn anything new, is the day they should just throw dirt on top of you.”


About  Mark  Ian Seifert

I’ve always believed the things come to people, I always knew that there was no limit to things you could have, we were poor when I was growing up. My parents struggled with money I remember walking along the side of Highways as a child picking up beer bottles and pop bottles so we would have money for food. Those days are long gone, but not forgotten.

We moved around a lot when I was younger, I didn’t really make a lot of close friends because I knew that would be moving again and what was the point?

I am now in my 50th year, I have had a mini-stroke and survived it through sheer stubbornness and determination. I have other medical issues but they’re not my concern I’m letting the universe and my doctor is worried about it, I’m just doing my best not to aggravate any of those issues.

I live alone in a one-bedroom apartment with my cat Buddy, who am I might make reference to once in a while. I used to work in an office now I work from home which, was one thing I had attracted using the law of attraction.  I was tired of walking to work in the winter because I don’t drive, so I put out to the universe that I wanted a job I could work from home at and lo and behold I now work from home. Yes, sometimes it is as easy as asking for it.

I’m never really sure what to say about myself because I don’t know what people would be interested in learning about me. If you have any questions definitely ask me. Feel free to contact me via one of the methods on the contact page at any time.